It used to happen to me that I confuse between the words ‘advice’ and ‘advise’. Even now while I wrote both words, the spell check draws a line in blue to the word ‘advise’ like below.



I learned the difference long long back with repeated attempts.

Advise is something that you offer an opinion or suggestion to another person, it’s more like a counsel and it is a verb. Advice is again an opinion but it is for guidance or recommend someone with a course of action and it is a noun.

Okay I get it! You are not here to learn the difference.

If there is something in this world that can be heard or offered for free is ‘advise’. Have you come across such a time that you say to yourself out of frustration that “Here he comes with baggage of advise” likewise “here she comes to throw all the advice in the name of life experience”. The problem here is not the advise or advice, it’s the time, how many times you repeat it and to whom you offer. We all know that it is free except the fact we go to counsellors paying lumpsum money however that’s a different scenario, which I believe you understand.

Well here are some points to keep in mind before you advise someone:-

  1. Learn the difference between advise and advice.
  2. You offer your opinion to someone who values it, when you do that you do not have to repeat it.
  3. Do not over use it. Advise only when it’s needed, not always. Advice someone so that you could help or guide that person.
  4. It is a good practice to follow what we preach. Similarly if you advise a friend, hope you already follow it or have enough knowledge about it.

An image is worth a thousand meaning. I liked the below image for the same 🙂

College Advising Corps | I Advise Because...

9 thoughts on “Is it Advice or Advise?

  1. Really really useful,those are confusing words many times, but now I wonder if I ever wrote a word advice or advise,I think i enjoyed the benefit of oral and not written…hahahaHa

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