Love at first sight. Really???

The world would not exist if it’s not for love. I’m sure you are responding, yeah we know about it. Well yes! Then I’m sure you would also have heard, experienced, advised, and lectured that love happens at first sight. But I’m saying No, it does not. I have a slight feel that your eyes are not agreeing to what I say. Give this a thought with no preconception remember I mentioned in my first blog, no preconception. Just read this you will see a different world now with little patience.

newfirstLove does not happens at first sight, it’s the attraction that happens at first sight; it’s the liking that begins in your mind at first sight. You like that person because you are attracted by one of his qualities which can be behavior, attitude, smile, appearance, etc. And your liking makes you to look at that person again, by this action, the liking multiplies. Your eyes, your mind and now your heart also starts wandering around that specific person’s thought. Now the liking multiplies infinitely. When we start pursuing this liking, we start uttering the magic word ‘love’ and believe me this is how love happens at repeated first sights.

Take a moment, think how your love started, you might agree to what I just said. Next time, watch when you fall in love. It is a very nice cozy feeling to experience that moment of ‘love’ gravity.

Wish you all relish that beautiful experience and for whom it is yet to happen, you are so going to love it 🙂

8 thoughts on “Love at first sight. Really???

  1. I agree it’s just attractions towards the other person’s appearance. True love cam happen after knowing each other. If you get time do visit my blog. It’s always nice to share thoughts. Thank you

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