Recently I was talking to my friend advising her to see the life through new glass and not the usual way. You might be listening to this from leaders, motivators, and other advisers advising us to be creative and innovative to succeed in this world. Nowadays it’s not about succeeding, it’s more about surviving successfully. It applies to the business and personal life, you need to keep thinking differently and keep changing your tactics.

My best advice to help that process is the following:-



When you think of doing something, start clearing your thoughts completely and start it fresh without any preconception. This will help you to stimulate your thought process towards something different which you might have not thought like it before. Don’t you agree with me?

If you want to have an unbiased solution to an issue, clear your old regular approach about that particular scenario, you will be surprised to see a new and better approach.

If your prejudice is coming with honesty and sincerity, then it has value add. Otherwise, it’s a sure NO NO to prejudice which might bring harm to your thought.

Would like to close this post with a famous quote

“Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom – Merry Browne”.

Happy Thinking hours without preconception 🙂
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6 thoughts on “Preconception or Preconceived Notion or Prejudice

  1. Hmm good concept to help changing things up. In my opinion though, it’s more about living your life doing the things that makes you feel like life is worth living. If one has the mindset where it’s only about survival?

    It sure can help you survive and live your life but let’s be honest here, do you really just want to survive if you have the ability to make the best of it?

    There will be times when we are in situation where we can’t fulfil our dreams and ambitions but we must try to remember, it’s not a permanent situation. It’s only permanently over when you BELIEVE that it is over and forget about the thing that drives you to live your life to the fullest.

    If you don’t let go? Once you climb out of the restricting situation that you were in? You’d continue working on what truly matters to you again. That’s what makes people feel that life is worth living- doing what matters to you and seeing it take effect.

    Some people wants to be a doctor to save lives that are in danger. Some people wants to be a teacher to mold the minds of the future generation and guide the younglins. Imagine now, what if this aspiring doctor gave up his ambitions because he couldn’t get enough money to study?

    He’d probably regret it for the rest of his life.
    But if he didn’t give up, he could either work really hard to save money for it and get the education completed OR he could do something similar, perhaps become a lifesaver guard in swimming pools and study medicine part time. I have friends and met lifeguards who’ve saved lives because they were there when the emergency incident happened.

    Ultimately, this aspiring Doctor would be saving lives as well and gets to study his passion as well PLUS who knows- If he saves a rich person, perhaps even get married together?- He is set for life haha!

    Good article to get ppl thinking. Thanks for sharing 😉

    Your pal,

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