Kind & Bold!


Today was a stressful day to me as I was stuck in changing my blog name. Now I understand how difficult would it be for mom and dad to choose a baby name. Sigh!!

The reason behind changing blog name is to meet the standards of naming etiquette, if there is one. Honestly, it’s my personal desire to change it to the new blog name “Kind & Bold”. I want the blog name to express in short that we human need to be kind and at the same time be bold and I see that as beauty of life. Also, I confirm it is only the name I changed and there is no change in the blog concept. My blog is still about humans and their thoughts, success, change, life, love, help, support, motivation, inspiration, guidance, control, morality, ethics & fun.

Thank you all for staying along with me in this blog journey and kindly continue the same. I would be really happy if you could click follow on this link

Your support means a lot to me.  🙂
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34 thoughts on “Kind & Bold!

  1. I love your new name, but not sure why you changed it…maybe you can stop by my blog see if you like my blog name or help me think of another name??? Jackie 🙂

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  2. Hi. First of all, I just wanna say, I’m a big fan already 🙂
    Second… I think your name is “perfect”! It matches your theme.
    This is one reason I have 3 blogs, it’s actually the 4th or 5th but I shut the 2 others down. My theme evolved, I evolved and I realized what I wanted to write about. I started with an LDR because I was inspired by love or infatuation or whatever that was (when I got back from Paris last summer) but there was so much passion there that I just had to share coz it was just too much!!! it was overflowing… zee French!!! oooh la la!!! hahaha — anyway, I got over it… there’s more to life…

    I’m looking forward to reading your fantastic posts!
    I hope you check out my blogs, too. 🙂

    Carpe diem!
    LIVE ❤ LAUGH … Belle Papillon

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    • My God.. you have no idea what I am feeling right now reading your comment. I’m on cloud nine and you just made me feel that I am doing the right thing. Trust me ,that feeling of assurance is the best feeling. Thank you so much Belle Papillon. I love this name ❤
      I am very glad to know that your blog is evolving with more value. After reading your posts and about me content, I definitely have to say that I have this weird feeling that we may both share common interests. I love french and I am trying to learn the language. Its in my bucket list. Hoping to travel soon 😉

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  3. Thank you for your kind words too. 🙂
    Oh my, a connection! That’s always nice! I don’t believe in accidents…. the Universe definitely wanted our paths to cross. I just started to love French, too… I’m starting to be a Francophile 😉 I’m not sure if I’d invest time to be fluent though but maybe just the basics coz it’s a little too challenging for my taste but good luck to you.
    Amuse toi bien!

    Live ❤ Laugh … Belle Papillon

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