My dad cropped

This post is a tribute to my dad on this Father’s Day. This is my very first attempt on sketching a portrait and he is my dad ☺

My dad is not a superman but he is the man who taught me that you can live your life being humble. He is the man who taught me to make use of what is available and be excellent. He taught me whatever work you commit to, do it with passion and never give up. He taught me to be loyal. I have also seen my dad how protective he becomes when he thinks of this world for his daughters to survive, yet he gave us freedom what is needed for us. My dad was the source of income to our family. We are 3 daughters to my parents. In the country I was born and in those days, people do not welcome parents with girl child. Because, girl parents have too many obligations and the society draws restrictions as well as expectations, if it’s a girl. It is seen as a burden to the society and the parents. To my parents we 3 are girls, Wow! You wouldn’t believe if I say even my dad’s parents once hated that we 3 are girls. Until this date I have never seen my mom or dad complain about this. I know this may not seem a big deal but those were the days when abortion of girl fetus and killing of girl child were very common. I have known parents who have abandoned their own baby or child because she is a girl.

For this reason, I owe my dad. He gave me this life to live. He never complained or worried that we 3 are girls.

My dad was the proprietor of a civil construction company  and he being the source of income to my family never showed attitude towards my mom or anyone. He was not demanding and had no attitude even to his employees. He never said no to left-over food at home. He taught us the value of food and never allowed us to waste food even if it does not taste yum. He mentions be thankful that you have food to eat when there are so many children and family out there dying of hunger. We enjoyed sleeping on the cozy bed while my dad sleeps on the floor. He says that you can have luxury in life but never allow it rule you. He taught us how to be of service for the needy. Helping others is his never ending activity and wouldn’t worry even if it leaves him empty handed. He is a living proof to show kindness to everyone.

I have never seen my dad break down when there was a loss in his business, likewise my dad never become overwhelmed when he made profit. He taught us to live a balanced life. He is a relentless hardworking man and till date he is. His impeccable faith in God gives him will power to withstand any life storm. We look up to him.

I could not stop myself from mentioning that he gave us education, he made us all earn Master’s degree. My first sibling is an MBA graduate and my second sibling is double Master’s graduate (MBA + Masters in Social Work) and I graduated this year with MBA degree. He paid for our entire education and we know how much he struggled to do this for us. We are forever grateful to you Dad.

There were days that I have been arrogant to him, but he never gave up on me. His love and affection for me never changed. I love my dad as much as I love my mom.

My dad taught us to be self-determined while my mom taught us to be strong. I adore my dad and respect him to the moon and back. The lessons and values from my dad are the treasures and assets to my life.

My dad is a not a superman but he is my DAD and he is above all. Love you forever Dad ❤
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18 thoughts on “My Dad Is Not A SuperMan!

  1. Beautiful sketch, Beautiful story and beautiful family. Just beautiful!

    I have friends from India so I know what the culture is like and I really must say that your dad is definitely what I call a hero.

    Heck, I’d even make a Bollywood movie about him if I ever get a chance to, that’s how awesome I think he is lol!

    I’m sure your sisters and yourself have made your mom and dad proud too by graduating with such results and making full use of the lives they’ve given you guys. It’s really heartwarming to know these things are still happening and there are still good people around!

    Don’t stop believing! Thanks for sharing btw, it was awesome reading this brief tale of your sweet family!

    Your pal,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many Many Thanks Benjamin 😃

      Wow!! It feels so good to read your comment. I am going to come back again and again to read this. You are awesome and I am very appreciative of your kind words. It truly means a lot me.
      Damn! You made me tear up little. I’m so glad that you liked it and I will certainly share this comment with my dad. He will sure like the comment on making a bollywood movie 😀 Lol
      We do believe that parents are proud of us. I am lucky to be part of my family and I Thank God for the same.

      Your comment makes my post more beautiful! Thanks again Pal!

      Liked by 1 person

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