Yesterday I watched a conversation between my sister and her daughter. My sister was suggesting my niece to spend 2 hours a day for studies which my niece agreed and she quickly started planning her 2 hours’ schedule with the homework my sister assigned to her. The homework was learning math, cursive writing, and reading. She said that “Mom if I do these work quickly I would be able to finish them within an hour and I don’t need 2 hours, but if I do these nicely then I would need 2 hours”

And ironically we had a discussion in my MBA class last week about intrinsic motivation and we talked about an experiment conducted by Harvard economist, Roland Fryer on the school students and the experiment was to pay students if they perform well and there were other tests too.  His experiment did face criticism including death threats, however he did conduct the experiment in 4 cities. The results were surprising, because not all the students performed well despite this offer. In this discussion I supported that intrinsic motivation like being self-determined yields long term benefit and effect of extrinsic motivation such as monetary rewards last for only short while.  I also said that if a student studies with an eager to learn from the book then that becomes intrinsic motivation and that motivation will help him to take much effort to understand the material better. If the same student does the studying for the sake of receiving cash rewards, he would finish his studying sooner without having the need to understand the material by taking efforts but to quickly receive the reward. The experiment was all about motivating students. Not everyone supports this experiment because money is not enough and it never is. However, for kids, it may be part of the solution. In the end, we want kids to be self-motivated not by such rewards right?

In this digital world like ours, most things are trivialized and their values are confused. We want everything to be done quickly and at speed. We need faster internet speed, we need laptop that boots up quickly, we need faster transportation to reach destinations sooner. There are more and more innovations towards making things faster.  The things that humankind do not fully comprehend their value are easily trampled underfoot and discarded with calm indifference.

My thoughts are that doing things quicker may be required but how do we do it efficiently after all we are not machines or robots right? I believe…. that we need to develop grit and it is very important. Perseverance and passion for long term goals are as important while getting things done quickly. I believe observing more value from what we learn will help us in future.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how you survive in this fast world?

There is more to life than simply increasing its speed – Mahatma Gandhi

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See you next Tuesday!
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12 thoughts on “Fast & Faster! ‘2 min read’

  1. What is the point of studying anything if you don’t understand it. I often have this discussion with friends and family. The aim now days is to just pass and get the paper or credit to put in your CV. I have met way to many very smart people with lots and lots of education that can parrot information back to me however in the real world they are inept. We have the internet for facts now days. To be blunt I am very tired of the Talkers who love to robot speeches about their field of expertise. I could throw a rock and hit two people with a Very impressive list of university accreditation that are useless at anything other than droning on. We live in an very fast world now days, I often think to fast for our own good. I would like to think people studied because they want a better understanding of their subject and in this way effect change. I suspect its just for the piece of paper to get the job. Great read. Thank you Dan

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    • Thank you very much and you have added more value to the post. True, people just want to get it done, no matter what it is but quickly. I started to think that we are losing the control of our life and handing it over to technology in the name of advancement. Also, people are more distracted by many that kills the passion for learning. It’s time to pause and check.
      Great comment Dan! Thank you again.


  2. Great post Epi. I guess many great thinkers have been drop outs for the same reason, to stop running, cogitate, be on their own phase, be on their own terms, in which the motivation is spontaneous, natural and inherent.

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