I wrote the following 10 golden rules keeping in mind the trouble girls go through during the initial phase of relationship or dating. These are my pinky promises that helped me to avoid those unpleasant phases of dating and it worked well for me. If it works for me, it can help many. So I put them together to share with others.  Remember this 10 rules, I can say that you will be saved from heartbreak. Not just that, it will also save your precious time and save you from your regrets that comes later. It is written to help the ladies and nothing against men. I understand even men goes through heartbreak during relationship/dating. I have no idea if this could apply to guys. If it does and if it works, I am super glad. Let me know.My Pinky Swear

Please remember, this applies to only initial phase, not when you are in relationship and for long time.  Lol!

I hope this could reach as many people as possible in good faith of helping them.

Have a great week friends! See you next Tuesday! homewaredesigns (1)
Photo Credit : Pinky Swear

6 thoughts on “My Pinky Swear!

  1. Coming from a guys perspective, I can see some of these rules applying to us men. We get our hearts broken by women sometimes 😥 lol. These are some great dating advices to have during the beginning phase of a relationship though. I can see these being good ways to save yourself if things don’t work out in your favor.

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