What’s your favorite hobby?

Were you able to quickly answer that question?

If you had asked me this question, I would have thought a lot before answering one, although I have many hobbies.

This is a serious topic and the next question is something you need to be really honest.

What do you do, when you are sad?

There can be numerous reasons for you to be sad. It may be break-up, divorce, loss of someone, business failure, bankrupt, not selected for the soccer team, failed at the exam, and so on. We are not going to see if those reasons are justifiable for you to be sad. After all, Life is a drama and it is full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, joys and sorrows, etc.

Voiding sadness is not something in our control. But what you do when you are sad is up to you.

You could wait until time pass, by being in that moment or fight that sad phase internally and lose your energy to focus in life or act crazy and vent out your feelings. I have also known people becoming violent when they are sad. All these are some ways!

If you go for advice, the first advice you listen to is to distract your mind and keep yourself occupied. This is the most challenging task to me. I have been sad in my life too. I have been hurt a lot. To me, distracting my mind when I’m deeply hurt was something impossible. My way was to sleep a lot or fight it which pulls me away from life. Somehow I learnt that my favorite hobby helps me better when I am sad to distract my mind. Well that’s the only thing that helped me to get out of the pain filled failures in my life that includes break up in my past. It is extremely important to have a hobby. It helps you to disconnect from your worries and connect with yourself. It can be making jewelry, painting, wood carving, remodeling your room, running, reading, gardening, web designing, playing video games, dancing, etc.

You cannot find yourself in learning a new hobby when you are not actually in the mood, because it’s an extra effort. But if you have a favorite hobby, you could just simply start doing that and if it’s your favorite, you would not have second thoughts.

I try to help people who are going through tough times in life and mostly I see myself in a position to help them get out of their sadness. I always try to get them do something that keeps their mind off worries, which becomes challenging when they can’t think of a hobby at that moment. Because they have been busy all their life only working and living the routine. We need to remember that taking a break from the routine is nothing but recharging yourself. It is good to take that break often and do something that you like that is not related to your routine.

Hobbies nurture your mind and soul. It rejuvenates your energy. Trust me, even when you are sad, hobbies inspire those ‘aha’ moments.  If you don’t have one, it’s time to enter the world of possibilities and discover some new hobbies.

Thank you for reading! Have a great week friends. See you next Tuesday!
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