Quote Challenge – Day 3

Here is my third and final post on the quote challenge.

“Believe you can and you are halfway through”- Theodore Roosevelt

It is so true so that all it takes for you to take that step and walk towards to your goal. By the time you look back, you would have crossed halfway already. ‘Believe’ in yourself and you can move mountains! Trust me! you can!

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” – Albert Einstein

All the great inventions are someone’s imagination in the beginning. No wonder they say live like a leader if you want to become one. Like such start imagining what you want to be and work towards it, nothing can beat this intrinsic motivation.

“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears” -Nelson Mandela

Every day we make choices in life with or without conscious. But, when we make conscious choices we will notice if that is based on the fear what the result will be or bold enough to face whatever the result will be. Make those choices out of hope but not fear.

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Quote Challenge – Day 2

Here is my second post on Quote challenge and my next 3 favorites quotes are here.

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams”

The first quote was told by Oprah, who is one of the most influential person. Her life achievements are really inspiring and I admire her a lot.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live tomorrow”

The second quote was told by Mahatma Gandhi, who is one of the great leader who revered the world with his nonviolent philosophy of passive resistance.

To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities

The third quote was told by a famous philosopher, martial artist, actor and film maker. He remains the great icon of the martial arts cinemas. Are you still guessing? I am talking about Bruce Lee.

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Quote Challenge – Day 1

I was recently tagged by my new blog friend BELLE PAPILLON 24/7 for the 3 day Quote challenge. I like this challenge. I always like quotes and keep notes of my favorites. I have picture of quotes on my laptop wallpaper, phone wallpaper, sticky notes and more.

Here is my 1st day post in the challenge.

Rules for the challenge if you would like to participate:
3 days (not necessarily in a row) ,3 quotes and 3 bloggers per day;

1st Quote : (from one of my post – A Firefighter!A simple act of kindness can matter millions to someone” – VE

2nd Quote : “Sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.” -Steve Jobs

3rd Quote : “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.” – Steve Jobs

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#10 A power you possess!

There is this thing about me doing things on my will but not by force. Silly example, I don’t like to be forced to wake up early, like my mom or sister telling me you should wake up early tomorrow. If I am told to set the alarm, I’m going to wake up every hour thinking ‘It’s time! It’s time!’ and lose my sleep and it continues to be a mad morning. Usually, I burst out showing my irritation, and make others upset too. To note, this behavior of mine happens only at home, so I am safer. However upsetting my family is not a healthy way at all. It takes the time to get back to a better environment after the mess I make. Today I stayed silent. Silence is what saved me today from an outburst or a bad repercussion. Even my family was fine, though they might not have noticed that I stayed silent and not disturbed them with my annoyance, I felt happy inside.

This is not the first instance, I have been trying to practice this for quite some time by staying silent when I’m mad or bad mood. Some days I could stay silent and some days I forget about it and get in a bad mood. I will get there soon 🙂

Where else did this silence help me? Okay, let me go through that.

  • The silence between the gaps while talking to others, allows me to digest what I said and discover what I want to say next at that moment. Trust me, this allowed me to emerge from the unknown into self-finding.
  • Staying silent while others are talking, enabled be to be a better active listener. It helps me to absorb what the person is saying and understand it better.
  • While doing meditation, I understand the power of silence. I discover myself. The silence offers me personal growth. It heals me.
  • When someone close to me gives a sarcastic statement hurting my feelings especially when they are in bad mood, I simply stay silent. Because, counter talk is not going to help the other person or me instead it leads the way to a bad relationship.
  • If someone is bitching about another person whom I know, I stay silent. This gives a hint to the other person not to do that again or at least they will get to know that I am not interested. It’s not a good habit to talk badly about others in their absence. If you stay silent, you are not encouraging that bad habit. Isn’t it good?
  • Once I have finished with my opinion or proposal, I shut up, so that I don’t distract the other person from what they want to say. It applies to your business world too, once you finished with your thoughts in a meeting allow others to speak, stay silent, note down your thoughts.
  • Silence is also a way of communication. Sometimes I have used silence to express what I think.

Silence is a communication from the outer to the inner. Your concentration power increases and you could focus consistently. You could stay out of trouble. It is not just about peace or calm, it is the power your possess. There is so much about silence, hold on to this powerful weapon, you will discover more and more about yourself.

Closing with powerful quotes:

Work hard in Silence, Let success be your noise – Frank Ocean

Nothing strengthens authority so much as Silence – Leonardo Da Vinci

The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT– Alfred Brendel

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#9 How do I make tough choices?

Today I was talking to my little niece who is 7 years old and her name is Nia. She asked me casually what I should do to grow tall. I told her start playing basketball sport. She told me No, I don’t want to play that sport. I asked her, is it because you don’t like that sport? She said, I like that sport, but I don’t want to play it because it is a tough sport. I was taken aback. I told her if you like something do not give up on it just because it is tough. Give it a try first. She says in a low voice, Okayyyyyy. Fineeee. I will play.

I could not explain her more, she is just a girl who is in second grade. But I was worried about how do I tell her about making tough choices. It’s a strike in my mind, I started thinking about me and how do I make tough choices? I find it difficult too.

Should I live my life happily by doing what I like? Or should I let go my dreams because someone says don’t do it?

Should I express my feelings by being honest with my friend? Or should I hurt her by being honest?

Should I drink coffee so it helps me to finish a task overnight which is beneficial or should I not drink coffee and doze off without finishing my work because caffeine is not good for health?

I have seen myself in such confusion in my life on and off a lot about what to choose or what should I do out of 2. Sometimes I sit and pray God asking Him to help me to make a decision, I won’t be able to hear His answers soon, so I step up to human steps of writing down pros and cons in a paper and try to figure out which one could I choose, sometimes doing that takes me to a different level of confusion or sometimes I make my choices based on the pros.

Sometimes I take 2 small sheets, write ‘Yes’ in one sheet and ‘No’ in another. I fold the sheets carefully so that I don’t make a difference, roll it on the floor, close my eyes and pick one and think that’s my choice.

Sometimes I flip a coin too.

Silly me I have done all these 😀

Well, yeah life teaches you a lot, I learned that I should not give up on tough choices just because it is tough or risky or because someone did not approve it or because I flipped a wrong coin :-p

You need to know how to make tough choices by not treating it as difficult or hard. 

You will hear about it better from one of my favorite TED talks, an inspiring talk by Ruth Chang, a philosopher.

Hope you will be inspired too 🙂

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#8 A trick to make you feel good good

Employee: Submits the difficult task within critical deadline.

Manager: No reaction.

Annie: Annie invites her friend Sheila for the dinner party.

Sheila: Sheila attends the party, enjoys the dinner and leaves.

Well, what do you think about this? It doesn’t look good, right? Manager and Sheila are missing something.

You ask for help from your neighbor and you do not take an effort to acknowledge it, do you think your neighbor is going to help you again?

Annie is not going to have a nice feel about Sheila not acknowledging her friend about the efforts she put for the dinner party.

The employee is not going to be motivated next time for a task from that manager who does not acknowledge his work.

Why am I talking about acknowledgment? Today my sister had been to her friend’s place for a birthday party and she returned home with a gift bag. I asked her why is that whenever there is a get-together or birthday party, there is a return gift. Why do they waste money? I’m sure they are already spending money for the party. Then why all this formalities? She replied that ‘this a way of acknowledgment to let me know that she appreciated my presence in the party’. Wow, that’s right.

That’s how my today’s thought stirred around acknowledgment. I started thinking how many acknowledgments I received at work, from family, friends etc. Likewise, I do take many efforts to acknowledge others.  How much special I felt about it <3. It is both ways when I received acknowledgments as well as when I acknowledged others, I feel so good about it ^^’.

There was an instance when one of my junior team members worked on a task with me at a crucial deadline and we did it successfully. Once the work is complete, I received appreciation from our managers as I was directly assigned to that task. I walked up to him and appreciated his hard work and announced to our team members about his hard work and he received a huge applaud from all. I wanted his work to be recognized and appreciated. To my surprise, he did not say anything, he was silent and returned to his work. I felt embarrassed thinking I did something wrong. Days passed, he came to my desk one day and told me that he did not know how to react when he was appreciated as no one had ever appreciated him like that. He was overwhelmed and did not know what to say. Not knowing how to react for an appreciation made him think about it a lot and it took him days to understand it. He told me that he is now able to receive what I had done and it did help him a lot. I knew that day that acknowledgment definitely makes a positive impact in a person. It is a good thing to offer and we should not shy away from that.

We try ways to make people feel good and special. A simple acknowledgment like a gift, thank you card, appreciation letter, acknowledgment email, a big smile:-D etc. does that trick of making you and the others  feel good good ❤

Don’t forget the trick next time 🙂

#7 The road that leads to home

What do you feel when you see the road leading to home? the Sense of content isn’t it? Happiness? Oh! Good Lord, I’m home. When you are back from a hectic day at work? When you return from long vacation? When you are back from school? When you return from a blast party? When you return from an event? When you go home from the airport? When you return home after a sleepover night at friend’s place? When you return from a hospital? It goes on. You finally want to return home. 

All of us like to go home. Some rush to home. Although we were at a place which was fun-filled, or on duty, or on purpose, or on break, or under compulsion, we all return home no matter what, no matter how long it takes and no matter how far we are. Because it is your place, it is where you belong and you feel safe at home. Exaccccttttlyyy…That is how you are going to feel when you return to humanity.

We are moving away from humanity when we stop caring what happens to anything or anyone. We are witnessing the loss of humanity when a life is taken brutally by ISIS or other such terrorist groups, there is loss of humanity when there has been a rape and murder, we lose humanity when women trafficking grows, we lose humanity when there is a war, humanity is lost even when you steal something that does not belong to you. We are heading towards a bizarre future. Humanitarianism is essential in the modern world. Everything can be felt possible in this today’s world. They are fast approaching and brilliant. The neuroscientists are trying to implement the humanity to a computer. It has become necessary that a robot needs humanity when we humans are losing it.  

Why would a robot or a computer need humanity uploaded while we, the originals of humanity are losing it? How is it that a situation is different when it happens to others and not you? When your neighbor’s kid was kidnapped and sold for women traffic, how is that we remain silent? Why is that we do not do anything when a child is dying from hunger?

Why are we not bothered? Is it because it’s not your child who is affected? It’s not your son who is killed in gun violence? It’s not your daughter who is not sold for women traffic? It’s time we need to return to humanity, it’s time we realize this and start using our constitutional rights of speech. When there is a need to spread awareness, please spread the awareness. When you can feed a child, please walk down to that child and feed. I know you cannot do it alone, so join those thousand others who are doing it. Please do not try to hand your responsibility to others. Remember you are those others to others. Help the nation to form a right system that supports humanity. Every life matters. Try to be part of any group that helps to support humanity. 2015-15-10--20-53-37

Do not wait until it happens in your own home. Let’s make the road towards humanity.One simple thought,  ‘think it’s your home which is hostile, you will be moved towards action’.

Please return to humanity

#6 Buy or compromise???

Lately, my mind is fluctuating between 2 thoughts :- one. wanting to buy; two. compromise. I’m sure the moment you read this, most of you must be saying that learn to feel content with what you have than to buy. But my question here is how long should I keep compromising on my needs. ‘Need’, isn’t that a major term.

Have you heard about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? There you can see below about that theory.


  1. Biological and Physiological needs – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep, etc.
  2. Safety needs – protection from elements, security, order, law, stability, freedom from fear.
  3. Love and belongingness needs – friendship, intimacy, affection and love, – from work group, family, friends, and romantic relationships.
  4. Esteem needs – achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, self-respect, and respect from others.
  5. Self-Actualization needs – realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.

(Cited: http://www.simplypsychology.org/maslow.html)

Don’t you agree with me that basic needs or the deficit of needs is the main motivation for humans?

According to Maslow, he came up with this theory for peoples’ motivation and how they are motivated based on their needs and what levels do they reach in terms of needs. He believed that people possess a set of motivation for rewards or unconscious desires. He said that when a person is fulfilled with one need, he seeks to fulfill his next need. That’s what his hierarchy of needs talks about. When there is a need we tend to make unconscious desire.

Necessity plays a role. If there is a need we prepare and make arrangements for it.

Likewise, if you do not want more or wish for more, how would you work towards that reason? Is it not called settling down when you just feel content with what we have? How would you keep moving up in the ladder, when you do not want to get promoted and just feel content with your current position?

Only if you wish for buying a new car, you will start working on a plan to buy that new car. A plan like improving your budget, savings, etc.

Don’t we advise people, do what you like and firm with what you need. So compromising your need is not a good suggestion, keeping in mind that each situation is different and you alone could analyze your situation and make up your mind.

Self-actualization and realization must be present when we desire for something. There is nothing wrong in wanting to buy if I do not have it. There is nothing wrong in improvising what you have, it’s like cope up with the present. Having a mobile phone is a basic necessity in this century, mostly, you cannot say I have a landline, I do not need a mobile phone. Well, you cannot carry a landline in your pocket. Period. It’s about improvising and cope up with the world and the needs.

Back to my questions, wanting to buy or compromise. To help my mind with these questions, I have decided to use a simple trick. I will ask myself, ‘do I have it already? & what is the need?’

Let me finish it with my quote 🙂

Desires are not wrong, when the needs are right.

#5 How. is. it. possible???

How is that possible, when you are already at 100 mi/hr. speed and yet there is another car able to overtake you in the highway just about the same speed? How is that possible, when there is a successful magazine already in place, a new magazine could beat it on the same category? How is that possible, a new company is emerging successfully for the same android smart phone for which there are multiple brands already making their rocket sales? How is that possible, that a new one could beat an existing yet successful venture?

With respect to speed I guess, physicist or an engineer might answer, however for the rest, what you think the answer is?  Today I read a trending news about the 19-year-old young CEO and entrepreneur of Rookie Magazine. There are several brand magazines out there which are popular and bestselling, still the young entrepreneur made it to Forbes summit this year. Isn’t it amazing? How is it possible? This got me to into thinking. Is there a game theory? Did this young CEO try out of the box thinking? Is there a secret behind this success? What is that innovative idea or a new business trick this young CEO brought in? Is that something no one knew it ever existed, that she did, it is the magazine that we all know what it is about, not that I am talking about what a magazine could do. Of course there are different types of magazines, among those types, Rookie magazine is for teens. Does that mean if we start some business or products for teens, we will be successful? No, there is something more than this.

We have heard from a lot of successful people that their success is because of hard work, focus, consistent, innovative ideas, thinking out of the box, being creative and cutting edge techniques etc. Yes, all these are factors contributing success.

We all have this inner thought, why not us? Why can’t we do the same when we have the better potential? What is that we lack?

‘First step’ is the answer. Take the first step.

  • The first step to take your pen and write down your goals.
  • The first step to think that we can do it.
  • The first step to set the alarm for next day to wake up early
  • The first step to come out of your shell and talk to people
  • The first step to join the community where people share ideas in the forum
  • The first step to take your ideas to your manager and ask for his opinion.
  • The first step to wear the gym dress to go for work out
  • The first step to learn that new language that you have been wanting to.

 And so on……I know its all in your mind, all you need to do is to take the first step.

Have you observed a baby taking his/her first step?, the number of attempts it makes to keep that first step, exactly it’s the same, never fear the failure, just take the first step. When I started writing this post, I did not think I’m going to write down all these points, however I took the first step to open a new page to write and there you see, I could type more. 

Believe in yourself & believe in taking the first step, believe me you are half way through your journey.

#4 Best 5 ways to kill your dreams. Are you interested?

I am a very serious TED Talk follower. Very serious (trust me, when I write this my eyes are really wide like I am watching something very scary) to the level that most of my posts does not go without tagging a supporting TED Talk video for my thoughts. Surprising fact is that I am able to find one. Can you believe that you get to listen to life changing ideas and speeches under 6 minutes? yes, believe it.

One of such talk is what I am going to share today which is 5 best ways to kill your dreams. Yep, you read it right, it is killing your dream. We all have gone through people saying to a winner that he got lucky or look at his overnight success, without considering the years and years of efforts he/she had put in to become a winner. That’s the speaker’s first point in her talk.

Second, she talks about how we are influenced by others while making our own decision. This second step, is about reiterating the fact that it is ‘You’ at the end of the day, who is responsible for the decision you make, either influenced or following other’s instruction. It will be ‘You’ and ‘You’.

Third, she talks about ‘okay is never okay’, we need to be great. When we achieve our long term goal, what happens next, you take that success, learnings, and experiences and put them into your next project. It’s definitely going to add to your next success and you will notice that you are not going to settle for little.

Fourth, it is more like the second tip, being responsible for the decisions you make, likewise, you are accountable for your own actions, blaming others for you not being able to put an additional effort is not going to make your goal success, rather it is going to sit there and watch you whine.

Fifth, dreams themselves. Dream what you want to achieve, dream your success and when you feed your dreams more and more with your hard work, you are going to be happy. I’m sure all of us want to be happy, then dream your victory and work towards it.

If you are asking what are those 5 steps to kill, in Speaker’s words:-

So, five tips: Believe in overnight success, believe someone else has the answers for you, believe that when growth is guaranteed, you should settle down, believe the fault is someone else’s, and believe that only the goals themselves matter. Believe me, if you do that, you will destroy your dreams.

Here I am presenting to you, one of the interesting Ted Talk by Bel Pesche, an Entrepreneur.