Quote Challenge – Day 2

Here is my second post on Quote challenge and my next 3 favorites quotes are here.

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams”

The first quote was told by Oprah, who is one of the most influential person. Her life achievements are really inspiring and I admire her a lot.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live tomorrow”

The second quote was told by Mahatma Gandhi, who is one of the great leader who revered the world with his nonviolent philosophy of passive resistance.

To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities

The third quote was told by a famous philosopher, martial artist, actor and film maker. He remains the great icon of the martial arts cinemas. Are you still guessing? I am talking about Bruce Lee.

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Quote Challenge – Day 1

I was recently tagged by my new blog friend BELLE PAPILLON 24/7 for the 3 day Quote challenge. I like this challenge. I always like quotes and keep notes of my favorites. I have picture of quotes on my laptop wallpaper, phone wallpaper, sticky notes and more.

Here is my 1st day post in the challenge.

Rules for the challenge if you would like to participate:
3 days (not necessarily in a row) ,3 quotes and 3 bloggers per day;

1st Quote : (from one of my post – A Firefighter!A simple act of kindness can matter millions to someone” – VE

2nd Quote : “Sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.” -Steve Jobs

3rd Quote : “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.” – Steve Jobs

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Have a great week friends.
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A Firefighter! ‘4 min read’

There was a fighter named Mark who works at a fire company as a volunteer fighter and also works at a different company for paid job. As you all know that firefighters should arrive at the scene as early as possible or may not be possible, but they got to get early at the scene. This firefighter, Mark, was an assistant captain and he had a forerunner in that voluntary position who gets to do things first on the assignments. There was a fire accident at a house reported and the fire company arrived at the scene putting off the fire. The first volunteer approached the captain for orders and Mark got their 5 seconds later which means that the first volunteer gets inside the house before Mark.  The captain was having a serious conversation with the house owner who was standing outside in pajamas and barefoot in the midnight watching her house burning in flames and she cries “oh! my dear dog”. The captain commands the first volunteer to save the dog from the fire, Mark missed his chance of saving the dog because he was 5 seconds late but he is next for captain’s command. The captain calls Mark and asks him to get inside the house and bring a pair of shoes for the house owner. While they both walked past the fire where the other fighters were pretty much done putting off the fire, they both brought the treasures (the dog and pair of shoes). Everyone was happy and praising the first volunteer for saving a life. With disappointment of not getting a chance to save that dog but to bring shoes, he handed it over to the house owner.

After a week, the house owner writes a letter to the department thanking the team for the effort they put in saving her home. The house owner was so kind that she mentioned above all others that someone even got her pair of shoes from the burning house.

Here is the lesson Mark comment on this situation. He has seen act of kindness at many levels and this is one of the example he had seen in his experience and he says everything matters including those pair of shoes.

What a strike it is!! Everything matters!  And it’s very true! Whether its saving a dog or shoes, it all matters.

We always want a chance to do something that we think or have our own definition for what matters and what doesn’t, right? Mark was a volunteer who was waiting for a chance to be the savior and he thought saving shoes is not an act of a savior. But…. for someone it matters.

We often tell people that once I make $100,000 I will be able to help homeless. Once I start earning I would be able to help who is in need. We always wait to make that millions to help someone. The fact is…. you don’t have to wait to make that millions to make a difference in someone’s life. If you have something to give, don’t wait but give it now. There are many ways to help the needy, it’s not only the money that can help.

You can serve people at old age homes or you can be a mentor by sharing your knowledge or you can teach at voluntary education centers or you can help clean your neighborhood park, there are many such ways to make a difference as an individual. Remember, not to wait!

“A simple act of kindness can matter millions to someone” – VE


Have a great week friends! See you all next tuesday!
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Respect Through Wrong Lens! ‘2 min read’

Here comes my next post with another short story.

This story is about a treasurer who worked at a highly renowned place as a President. On his retirement he became a coach/speaker presenting motivational speeches sharing his experiences at various centers and conferences. One day he was invited for a speech at a hotel where he had been to many times for conference while he was President.

This day while he was at the back stage, he asked for coffee and the hotel assistant pointed him to the pantry where coffee was available on a vending machine. He went there and got coffee in a Togo cup. It made him to think about the days when he used to come to this hotel as a President of treasury department to present speech at the conferences, when he asks for coffee he would be assisted immediately by the hotel supervisor with coffee on a porcelain cup. Now he is holding the coffee in a Togo cup. He noticed the difference of respect that comes in 2 types of coffee cups, Porcelain and Togo.

What he experienced happens everywhere. Title comes with certain respect and you can never ask for equality of treatment.

We always long for growing up the ladder desiring to become CEO, CFO, President or anything that seemed prestigious to us. We always thought how cool it is to feel the respect that came with different titles we earn in our life.

The world certainly has a way taking shapes on our lives and we end up looking at success and happiness using wrong lens.

We cannot avoid those respect that comes with your title. But you can certainly avoid allowing it to define you. We are at a place for a reason and we are where we are. Believing that we have ability to make an impact those around you makes a difference. Be bold and believe what you believe in and live the life completely.

We may have a title at work but defining who you are is at your hands. Never allow the world to define you. If you ask me, I have a title named ‘daughter’ living my life with the joy of responsibilities mixed with sacrifices and achievements.

So, My friends! I am eager to hear from you, What is your title? And What does it define you?

See you next Tuesday!

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Photo Credit: Entrepreneur Article

Think different yet positive! ‘3 min read’

I want to share an amazing inspirational story I listened to recently from a motivational speaker, Darren Hardy.

The story goes like this, a business owner was sitting in a park devastated and worried about the loss he was incurring in his business and did not know where else to go for money to get things going in his business. At that time, an old man came, sat next to him. The Old man asked him, “why are you worried son?”, the business owner told him about his immediate need for money and how his business is going down with loss. The old man says I can help you and hands him a check, saying meet me here on this day after a year to repay me. The old man left the place quickly. The business owner took the check and read the amount of $500,000 signed by John. D. Rockefeller. That’s right, John. D. Rockefeller was the world’s wealthiest man. In shock and extremely joyful, the business owner thought all his money problems had disappeared in an instant. He became optimistic and enthusiastic. He took the check and placed in a safe without making it as cash but keeping it as back up. He started working on the business deals and worked hard for alternatives. Apparently he was able to make to profit with alternative business deals and able to stop the loss that was sinking his business. He still had that half a million dollar check as back up. Days went by and after a year, the business owner returned to the park where he met John. D. Rockefeller with the check. The old man came to the park on the same day however was unmindful of this business owner. The business owner was approaching him to return the check and express his gratitude, suddenly a nurse came running and stopped the business owner. She said He is always escaping rest home and he has been going around telling people that he is John. D. Rockefeller. Nurse apologized that business owner and said that hope he did not bother him. The business owner was stunned and dumfounded that all year long he has been working hard making alternatives dealing his business and made profit with convincing thought that he had a backup of half a million dollars in safe. Suddenly he realized that this money was not real however turned his life around. It was his new found self confidence that gave him the power of achieving anything in his life.

There are 2 morals behind this inspiring story. One is his confidence. His confidence was the reason he was able to experience this massive transformation in his life.

The other moral is that not everyone would use that check in the way this business owner had used it. In fact, he did not use it at all. If it was me, I would have gone to the bank immediately to encash it. I might have ended up in more disappointment and more devastation. That’s why I urge you all my friends to think differently yet positively. That distant vision of being positive of no matter what comes plus commitment and dedication could make anything possible in our life.

I have another inspiring story to share with you all and will be published in my next post. See you next Tuesday.

Have a fantabulous week my friends!

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POKÉMON GO! ‘3 min read’

I call my mind as dreamland and I am the ruler in it. It’s same with all. You are the ruler of your own mind. If you are losing control of your mind, then it’s a catastrophe!

This got me thinking more. What happens when you give your mind in control of artificial intelligence? It is like you don’t bother about your mind but allow it to run by the algorithm. If that happens, then, ‘We’re royally ruined’. While I ruminate about this, I noticed that my news feed was overloaded with the latest fever of POKÉMON GO and it was a mere coincidence.

POKÉMON GO is a smartphone game app. This game uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect your time and location in the game and make Pokémon appear on your phone screen which means around you so that you can go and catch them. Well Pokémon is not a new game, it’s a comeback from the 1990’s hit with new feature and the name Pokémon Go. The idea of this game is to “make you” move around in the real time. It’s a brilliant idea to make people move around and get them addicted to this game. One of the news article read the title as ‘Pokémon Go did what Fitbit failed to do so’ (Cited: Chicago Tribune)

Did you notice the quoted bold words?

It makes you move around physically. Amidst the realization of this smart & vivid game, it’s scary to me to think that a game is taking control. I even read newsfeed talking about how this sudden fever is affecting people including reports of injuries to people. No wonder if we even get warnings of “Don’t Pokémon Go and drive”.  There are incidents been reported such as a man fell into the pitch playing this game left him with fracture taking 5-6 weeks’ recovery. The best part is that he had to lie to the doctor that he was walking his dog. Another one is that a teen was lead to dead body as she did not notice where she was walking while playing this game.

I found one of the tweets from USMC.

pokemon tweet

Pokémon Go is a tiny example to what happens when you lose your control. Getting addicted to this game and walking without your knowledge is a form of losing control of your mind. Playing this game could be fun. But you got to stay alert so that you are not lead to unknown places. Staying alert of yourself is more important than staying alert in the game. Play the game at your convenience and be responsible. Even I play this game but only for “fun” and I don’t go to central park nor take a fall for this.

There are always one or the other inventions that we get addicted to causing us life injuries, my simple suggestion is that do not lose your control under any circumstances. Be the ruler of your mind and technology.

 “When we lose control over our minds through hatred, selfishness, jealousy and anger, we lose our sense of judgement” – Dalai Lama

Looks like we need to update this quote as

“When we lose control over our minds through hatred, selfishness, jealousy, anger AND TECHNOLOGY, we lose our sense of judgement”

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

See you next Tuesday!
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Blogger Recognition Award!

Thanks a bunch Benjamin – Project Believe In Yourself for nominating me with this award.

Thank you

My journey as a blogger

It’s just been 9 months since I started this blog. I always wanted to connect with people and make a positive impact in their life. This blog is one of such initiative and I hope sharing my learnings and my life experiences could be of help to someone. I find happiness in blogging. It helped me to realize my passion for writing. Blogging is a whole different world out here and it’s like an open sea. It amazes me when I read other’s posts and the comments by other bloggers. Happy to be a blogger!

Advice to other bloggers

As a blogger my advice is to never give up on writing.


1: Write a post to show your award.
2: Thank the person that nominated you.
3: Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
4: Give advice to other bloggers.
5: Nominate the deserving ones.


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I do not just blindly nominate bloggers for the award here. I nominate you guys because I truly believe you are amazing. I understand if any of you are award free bloggers or do not want to receive any award, if so, please ignore it. Thank you 🙂

Have a fantastic week and see you next Tuesday!
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Positive & Negative

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge : Opposites


Battery – A small object that gives power by connecting to the positive and negative ends.

Positive and Negative ends is needed to create energy.

Likewise, you need happiness and sadness to fuel your life.


A lonely highway! ‘4 min read’

Driving on a highway listening to a loud metal music is her favorite stressbuster. Kristien goes on a ride almost every other weekend to have her own ‘me time’. She owns a 2015 BMW M6 which is a paradoxical coupe and convertible car. Kristien’s father is an assistant manager at a bank and her mother is a nurse. Her parents were highschool sweethearts. She has an elder brother who is a screenplay writer and he writes for television series. Kristien works at a healthcare industry as a Project Controller. She also works part time as an adjunct professor in a college and she teaches marketing management.

On a dawning Saturday with her favorite music she was driving on IS-15 while she suddenly heard a noise from her trunk. The noise from the trunk grew louder that she had to slow down the car and parked the car off the pavement. There was no one on the highway at that time and her next exit was about in 7.5 miles. It was a mysterious shrieking noise that she was hearing from her car. She was filled with panic at that moment not knowing what to do next. With million dreadful thoughts in her mind, she dialed 911. After long wait and series of question she gets through the line and while she was about to give her location information, her phone died and she had no source to recharge the phone battery. This made her brittle. The growing sound was terrorizing her and she could not help but to think to open the trunk. Before opening she was looking for any weapon or tools to defend her from any attack. She felt fortunate to find a nail filer from her handbag. Her mind quickly made a list to buy things to defend her next time during such situation. Pepper spray, gun, knife what not she could make a list of. She fretted what if there is no next time. She wanted to speak to her mom and dad if these are the last minutes of her life. Her thought of not doing confession at the church for the last one year tormented her. Her influence from watching Independence Day: Resurgence movie last night provoked her to imagine that it could be an alien inside the truck which will gobble her once she opens the trunk. She even wanted to leave the car and run away as much as she can. There were million thoughts ran swiftly in her mind. Gathering some courage, she got out of the car and walked towards the trunk sweating and chanting, ‘God, please be with me, God please with me’.

When she was walking towards the trunk, she saw another car on the highway and she started waving at the car shouting and begging for help. She realized it’s a police car when the car finally slowed down and parked ahead of her car. The police officer got out of the car and stood away from her. He asked her to stretch her hand and turn around to prove that she has no weapon. She did that and then he approached her maintaining the distance asking what happened. She started crying, explaining the officer about the horrifying sound she has been hearing from the trunk. The officer asked her to stand back and walked towards the trunk of the car. He continues reporting to the control room through his wireless mic with the update on the situation and he asked for back up. He did not hear any sound like Kristien complained. It was silent. The officer asked her to press the trunk button to open. She did as he instructed and the trunk opened with a click sound. The noise began and this time it made their earlobes bleed. The officer stood in front of the opened trunk. It was high pitched intolerable sound and the officer started to move backward lifting his gun from his side and suddenly with a thud sound, the officer fell on the ground with a slit on his neck bleeding. Kristien could not go near the officer and she saw that the trunk has opened up wide. The moment she heard something coming out of the trunk she did not wait to see what it is but running. She kept running until she saw a flash of light. The light was so bright that she felt it could pierce her eyes. This time she heard a noise completely different. In fact, she could understand what the sound is and was able to understand.  It was her mom yelling at her to stop snoring and wake up. Her mom says, ‘Wake up, it’s your day, don’t you want to go for a ride’

She opens her eyes and realized it was all dream. She got out of bed, showered and got ready for the ride. No dream can stop her from going on a ride. However, this time, she bought pepper spray for safety and made sure her phone battery is fully charged with a backup battery before hitting the road IS-15.

P.S: This is my first attempt of writing a short fiction story. Please share your thoughts, even if it’s criticism.

I was inspired by one of my friend (one of my best friend’s husband) and he is a blogger too. I read one of his post yesterday (here is the link to his blog “Seeing Myself” ) and his writing evoked me to write one of my own. Thank you my friend.

Photo Credit: Vintage car

Have a mysterious week 😀 , See you next Tuesday!
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Fast & Faster! ‘2 min read’

Yesterday I watched a conversation between my sister and her daughter. My sister was suggesting my niece to spend 2 hours a day for studies which my niece agreed and she quickly started planning her 2 hours’ schedule with the homework my sister assigned to her. The homework was learning math, cursive writing, and reading. She said that “Mom if I do these work quickly I would be able to finish them within an hour and I don’t need 2 hours, but if I do these nicely then I would need 2 hours”

And ironically we had a discussion in my MBA class last week about intrinsic motivation and we talked about an experiment conducted by Harvard economist, Roland Fryer on the school students and the experiment was to pay students if they perform well and there were other tests too.  His experiment did face criticism including death threats, however he did conduct the experiment in 4 cities. The results were surprising, because not all the students performed well despite this offer. In this discussion I supported that intrinsic motivation like being self-determined yields long term benefit and effect of extrinsic motivation such as monetary rewards last for only short while.  I also said that if a student studies with an eager to learn from the book then that becomes intrinsic motivation and that motivation will help him to take much effort to understand the material better. If the same student does the studying for the sake of receiving cash rewards, he would finish his studying sooner without having the need to understand the material by taking efforts but to quickly receive the reward. The experiment was all about motivating students. Not everyone supports this experiment because money is not enough and it never is. However, for kids, it may be part of the solution. In the end, we want kids to be self-motivated not by such rewards right?

In this digital world like ours, most things are trivialized and their values are confused. We want everything to be done quickly and at speed. We need faster internet speed, we need laptop that boots up quickly, we need faster transportation to reach destinations sooner. There are more and more innovations towards making things faster.  The things that humankind do not fully comprehend their value are easily trampled underfoot and discarded with calm indifference.

My thoughts are that doing things quicker may be required but how do we do it efficiently after all we are not machines or robots right? I believe…. that we need to develop grit and it is very important. Perseverance and passion for long term goals are as important while getting things done quickly. I believe observing more value from what we learn will help us in future.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how you survive in this fast world?

There is more to life than simply increasing its speed – Mahatma Gandhi

Photo Credit: Adsoftheworld

See you next Tuesday!
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