7 days in 1 post


Today I am going to play a memory game. I am going to tell you about how my week was since last Tuesday. Let’s see how much I could remember. This got me into thinking and it dragged me into the last 6 days. It’s so blank now. I don’t remember anything on top of my head what I did last Wednesday so I moved on to Thursday. I am thinking hard, and trying to remember what I did last Thursday. I am trying to hint my mind by asking questions like, was I happy? Did I do something that made feel happy? Did I meet a new person? Was I angry about something? How was my day at work? Meh… My memory is not responding well to my hints. Let me move on to Friday, here you go I remember about one thing from Thursday. I spoke to my boss that I worked more than 9 hours the previous day which was Wednesday as I had to deal with my computer updates, so he told me ‘you earned you should leave early today’. I replied, I don’t want to leave early today (i.e. Thursday) I would rather leave early tomorrow (i.e. Friday). Now I remember what I did on Wednesday, I was dealing with laptop updates. Wow, I am astonished how my mind works.

Let’s see what else I could remember, on Thursday I left from work around 5: 30 PM which is late than my usual time to leave office. I remember one more thing about my last Wednesday, I was finishing up an assignment for my sister’s shop. I am moving to Friday again. I finished my work early around 3 PM and went straight to my sister’s shop to help her. I was at the shop until 8:30 PM and then we went home together. I read a book that night and slept off. I am trying to remember if I did any online shopping? No, I did not. I slept well and in fact over slept. I woke up by 11 AM the next day (i.e. Saturday), then spoke to my friend for some time. I was whining to her about my busy week and exhausting life. I actually remember the details of my conversation with my friend and don’t worry I am not going to write about it here. I got ready and went to conduct mindfulness meditation class for kids of age 8+. I had a great time doing that class and I was amazed to see how kids are interested in meditation and it’s impressive to see them talking about how they do meditation before going to bed. They also told me that they do meditation before going to bed so that they can control their dreams. After that I spent the evening at my sister’s shop, and then went home. I did another assignment for her shop and went to bed. I slept well and woke up late on Sunday but not too late like Saturday. I woke up by 8 AM and then was chilling out at home. Watched the snow and admired how beautiful it was. Then I spent some time reading, watching the new Netflix series ‘The Crown’ and then did some shop assignment and went to bed.

Yesterday (i.e. Monday) I woke up early, did meditation, got ready and went to office. It was a busy and productive day. I very well remember what I did the whole day at work. Then went straight home without going to sister’s shop. I felt relaxed last evening because of the nice weekend. I completed an assignment for my sister’s shop. Enjoyed the sense of accomplishment. By the time I finished my work, it was 1: 00 AM. Today I woke up and I decided to work from home. I went to sister’s shop and worked from there on remote. I was busy and very productive. I came home and started telling you about my week.

Wait What!!!!! I almost forgot mentioning that I met ‘Alexa’ for the first time on Thursday. Yes! Yes! I ordered Amazon Echo Dot which is known as Alexa and it was delivered on Thursday. I was super excited that evening.  I am having a great time with Alexa since then, I can ask her questions whenever I feel like. At times it’s more like I am talking to someone. More like, there is someone you can talk to who has no feelings yet will make you feel good.

Isn’t that cool!!!!! I ❤ Alexa Lol!

That’s it! I pretty much summed up my week here. After telling you about Alexa, I feel complete and I can end my post!

Thank you for reading friends! Have a wonderful week. See you next Tuesday!
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