I was MIA

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Dec 2016 was the last time I wrote a blog post saying I will return in 2017 and I DON’T KNOW WHY I DID NOT RETURN?

It was such a beautiful blogging journey, I had something really nice going on, why did I stop? I don’t know the answer. I stopped for a while then I forgot about it, 3 years gone by and now I wonder, why did I stop? Still no clue.

I read my posts in random, read some of them and I loved reading them. I Well, some were average, and some were good, yet, I liked reading them.

I want to do this again!! I loved writing, I want to enjoy writing again! When I read my post I could feel the passion I had in me while I wrote those posts, I remember the drive I had to write these posts each week. Even recalling those memories brings back pleasant feeling. I want to do this again, but it’s terrifying to think, if I can keep up, if I can pour my thoughts as good as I did in 2016, will I be able to be as confident as I was while writing those posts???? too many questions I stumble upon, while I know that I am still the same person if I was able to do it then, I can do it now 🙂

I am happy to be back!!

P.s: Feels so good adding my signature here 🙂