No Sleepwalking! ‘3 min read’

Today, I almost gave up on writing my post for this week. It’s been hectic, tough and tiring week and I thought ‘it’s okay I can skip just one week and it’s no harm. Well that’s true, it is no harm if I miss this week. I have loads of reasons to support that it’s okay. Then I remembered my posts on saying those words, ‘it’s okay’ and the post about Hugh Herr. I thought about it again and told myself that being in death bed or in hospital ill can be the reasons that allow me to skip writing my post. ( That’s a tough one to keep up :-P)

Now that I opened up the fresh page and started writing, I feel better, much better! This is all I need to remember next time when I am trying to skip my work for junk reasons.  In life we get in such situations or even tempted to be distracted that stops us from accomplishing what we are supposed to do. We make choices and decisions, and no doubt our lives are filled with mostly by them. We either make conscious or unconscious choice or decisions in life. Sleepwalking our choices are more easy. We sometimes take a long time to make a decision or just in a blink second. No matter what, we make choices all the time. If you observe you would be surprised how many sleepwalking choices, you have made without yourself and consciously present at that moment. I have read in an article that almost 90% or more than 90% we are sleepwalking our daily choices in life. Our subconscious mind makes decision that are based on your memory, repeated thinking patterns or the information you have in your mind. May be tomorrow at the end of the day you may ponder and figure out how many choices you made were conscious. It will surprise you that you will not remember some and those are unconscious choices that you are fully not aware. Making unconscious decision will leave you in darkness and you would not know the consequences, more like giving up your control, ending up in blaming others for those consequences. They say most crimes are planned unconsciously as they not think about the consequences. That’s why we should take good effort in making conscious decisions in life than sleepwalking. It may be small or matter of life or death, making those decisions consciously is important. Tomorrow if you are able to notice the difference then you are taking that first step in living a conscious life. If you are fully aware of those choices you make, then you will understand that you have gained control in your life and those choices turns out to be right ones.

Having said this, I would like to mention that no one is perfect and not everyone is making all the decisions consciously. Sometimes even right choices may not benefit you. However, knowing that you did the right thing will make your day better. Of course, you should be proud of it.

Today I made conscious choice to stay up and write my post that I am committed to every week and I feel awesome! (I am yawning as well! Lol!)

Thank you for reading! Have a great week friends. See you next Tuesday!
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#9 How do I make tough choices?

Today I was talking to my little niece who is 7 years old and her name is Nia. She asked me casually what I should do to grow tall. I told her start playing basketball sport. She told me No, I don’t want to play that sport. I asked her, is it because you don’t like that sport? She said, I like that sport, but I don’t want to play it because it is a tough sport. I was taken aback. I told her if you like something do not give up on it just because it is tough. Give it a try first. She says in a low voice, Okayyyyyy. Fineeee. I will play.

I could not explain her more, she is just a girl who is in second grade. But I was worried about how do I tell her about making tough choices. It’s a strike in my mind, I started thinking about me and how do I make tough choices? I find it difficult too.

Should I live my life happily by doing what I like? Or should I let go my dreams because someone says don’t do it?

Should I express my feelings by being honest with my friend? Or should I hurt her by being honest?

Should I drink coffee so it helps me to finish a task overnight which is beneficial or should I not drink coffee and doze off without finishing my work because caffeine is not good for health?

I have seen myself in such confusion in my life on and off a lot about what to choose or what should I do out of 2. Sometimes I sit and pray God asking Him to help me to make a decision, I won’t be able to hear His answers soon, so I step up to human steps of writing down pros and cons in a paper and try to figure out which one could I choose, sometimes doing that takes me to a different level of confusion or sometimes I make my choices based on the pros.

Sometimes I take 2 small sheets, write ‘Yes’ in one sheet and ‘No’ in another. I fold the sheets carefully so that I don’t make a difference, roll it on the floor, close my eyes and pick one and think that’s my choice.

Sometimes I flip a coin too.

Silly me I have done all these 😀

Well, yeah life teaches you a lot, I learned that I should not give up on tough choices just because it is tough or risky or because someone did not approve it or because I flipped a wrong coin :-p

You need to know how to make tough choices by not treating it as difficult or hard. 

You will hear about it better from one of my favorite TED talks, an inspiring talk by Ruth Chang, a philosopher.

Hope you will be inspired too 🙂

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