What happens to you after your ‘Success’?

If you attain wealth, power, position, honor, some goal in your life or the like, all these are termed as a success. Success can be a fame or triumph.  Every self-determined person has one or the other goals to achieve in his life. Even if you are not a self-determined person, yet deep within yourself, you long for success. Some take their steps towards success, some procrastinate their steps. Let’s assume you have become successful and reached the eyes of the world wherein people started to look up for you. Nothing can be stopped once your success draws attention, there are people who make money just by drilling your life and its details. What you say, what you write, what you breathe, everything will be in someone’s gossip, article, news, Facebook post, tweet and so on. This is a huge level of success attention from public. What if its small level of success, like a success that you get from scoring ‘A’ grade in school, like a success that you clean up your neighborhood, like a success that you provide a solution to a problem at work or at home etc., in that case, your family, your friends, your team, your neighbor which is a small group of people looking up for you.

Now, what happens to you after your success?

I’m so interested to write about one of the detail which is noticed after success. Did you guess???

Let me say it, it’s your Habits. Yes, your habits will be questioned. Right from how you start a day and how you end the day. How do you wake up? Do you keep an alarm? Do you keep alarm once, twice or thrice? Do you ever snooze alarm? What is your morning routine?  People will be curious to know what habits you inculcate within that helped you become successful. They would want to do exactly the same what you do, thinking they will be successful too. Now that’s a big responsibility isn’t it? Unfortunately, habit is something that is developed over a time period. It’s a behavior pattern acquired by you for a long time that you don’t take the effort to put it in your schedule. Say for example, Do you block your calendar for 2 mins to brush your teeth? No, it’s your habit that was developed since your childhood. Likewise, you would have acquired many habits in your life like brushing twice daily, bathing, praying before meal, washing your hands before eating, flushing the toilet after use, throw waste in the bin, being punctual to a conference call, etc. Habit is not an instant thing to happen after you became successful.

Habits = Training your mind. It’s a saying that ‘Motivation gets you started & HABIT is what keeps you going’.

With or without your permission, the world gains visibility to your habits. You cannot stop that. It is essential that your habits are good. People would not appreciate if your habit is smoking, or stalking people, or gossiping, etc. You cannot set a wrong example. That’s the type of responsibility you carry. You could say, you don’t care what others think, but trust me you will be destroyed quickly, very quickly, in a little time even before you realize it. Again, this will happen with or without your knowledge.

No one is perfect in this world. You may not be able to control the world looking at your habits or zooming your life, however, cultivating good habits are the right thing to do and it’s definitely in your control. If the number of your good habits out beat your fewer bad habits, you are safe.

Recently I saw an interview by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and he had to discuss what was his school grade, if he was a good guy at school, his favorite sport, and from his interview, people got to know he has 20-30 mobile phones, his background, his childhood and so on.

Same time, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg shares his habit of reading books. He even posted the list of books he read in the year 2015 and his plans to read a new book every other week.

For some people, their habits will be questioned or interviewed,  some people share it on their own.We can write more about habits, how our mind is trained to it, good habits, bad habits, and so on. There are many self-help books, articles, videos available to help you develop good habits. I have read in multiple books that if you could practice a routine for 21 – 30 days, it becomes your habit. Let me share my personal experience, I practice yoga and meditation but was never consistent for 9 years since I started. I do it for 2 weeks then take a break and repeat the same, it was going on like this until 2013. In the year 2014, this ‘21 days’ mantra worked for me to practice yoga and meditation, since then I don’t remember taking a break from it or missing it except if I had intentions to do it. I realized it while writing this post that probably it has become my habit 🙂 I have many other examples to share, but but but…I am exceeding my goal of keeping my post short. I may write about my transformation in a separate post.

Best to think that it is never too late to start adapting to good habits and alternate your bad habits with good ones. Look for a motivation and make the HABIT to keep going.

#101 Tip :- Rather than making yearly resolution, start making monthly resolutions and evaluate it often. Let me know if it worked for you or if you tried something else.

Image Credit: http://www.momjunction.com/articles/ways-ensure-good-habits-kid_0022667/