Beliefs of happiness, a by-product

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One of the spiritual leaders and great monk, Dalai Lama said that “The purpose of our lives is to be happy”.

I wonder in this busy life; do we even think about being happy? Do we even realize how our life is moving ahead? When you wake up in the morning, do you tune your mind to stay happy? No, majority of people doesn’t bother about those, because they don’t have time. That brings to my first thought of this post which is to make time for yourself.

You need to spend time for yourself to know whether you are living a happy life or not. We tend to slip away from ourselves easily and focus on other things or people.

Not just that, there are so many driving factors or things that governs our happiness. Some of the very common things that governs our happiness are

  1. Putting your family or others first on everything
  2. Busy life
  3. Money
  4. Striving to make your parents proud
  5. Being dependent
  6. Trying to live others life
  7. Assuming happiness can be made at any time we want

And so on…..

Assuming happiness can be made is most common mistake. Happiness is not something that is ready made for us or can be made anytime we wish. We can’t live happily if we are governed by someone else expectations.

We try so hard to keep others happy. We do things that makes others happy. However, the sad part is that we fail to understand that if we are not happy, then, no matter how much you try to do things to make others happy it will have less impact. Your efforts cannot be received completely by others. It will be ineffective. We fail to understand happiness is the result of our own actions. It is essential for us to be happy and healthy first as an individual and this will automatically spread the happiness for you.  Do things that makes you proud of yourself before you work your arse off to make your parents proud. You will be surprised to know when you are proud of yourself, that would make them proud as well. In case they have different expectations and they would like you to be a different person than who you are not, you can’t help it.  But hey, you got to help them understand and live your life. If not, living a fake life, will haunt you forever.

Money can never buy happiness. That’s it. Period! There is no explanation required. Only if you are willing to accept that you can live happily.

You cannot swipe the credit cards non-stop so that your debt could go up or work nonstop all the time only to make money but forget to live your life, neither of them makes you happy. So have a balance in life, have enough money to eat healthy and live at comfort.

Make some time for yourself and if your work doesn’t allow that, change it. Don’t become a slave for it. Don’t become slave for love either that makes you dependent and unhappy.

In simple words, have a balance in everything you do and make some down time for yourself to be happy and healthy. Happiness is by-product of what you think and do, so remember when you are happy, you can make everyone happy!!!

Thank you for reading friends! See you next Tuesday!
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