Minus the Minus! ‘3 min read’

How do you subtract good from negativity? Is that even possible?

People advise you that never ever stay around negative people. The more you stay with them the more you get influenced. Having said that how do you detach from negative people when you don’t know if it is negative.  I’m not talking about extreme negativity like terrorism or ISIS or talking ill about others or bitching behind or betraying. I’m talking about the negativity that doesn’t look like negative. Let’s consider domestic influence. The things that your family advises you which you think is not appropriate, yet they say it for your own good, however it blocks you from pursuing what you are passionate about. The negativity that you get from your loved ones whose primary thought is to protect you, yet, what they say is against your desire. You would have to go through their disapproval so many times to succeed something in your life. Sometimes you wish you had not listened to them so that you would have been better in what you had chosen earlier?

At one point in life you will conclude that it’s all your fault. But I’m saying its due to lack of confidence. Lack of confidence makes you vulnerable.

Most of the successful people go through this part of life. It doesn’t have to be treated as negative surrounding, rather think those are your gun point to bring out the best in you.  Look through different glass, this is not easy and it requires lot of training; mental training.  

Being confident and staying away from fear is the key here. If you are confident you would be able to reason out why you are taking so and so action? or why are you proceeding in what you want? Or why you made that decision? You will have answer to those question only when you are confident.

 To be CONFIDENT you would need to analyze both good and bad of the outcome. When you are analyzing the outcome, do not let the fear influence it. Fearing what if it goes bad leads to confusion and fades the confidence in you.  DO NOT FEAR THE RESULT. Develop RISK taking attitude. People risk their lives every day to take a next step in their life. If Steve Jobs feared of dropping out of college, there would not be any Apple product or Pixar movies; if Oprah feared of living the life of her dream, she would not have been in the list of the most influential person; if Mahatma Gandhi and other great leaders who fought for freedom feared death, India would not be an independent country. Like such we could think many leaders, warriors who had risked their lives to achieve their goal. They were confident in what they were doing. They did not fear the failure.

It’s the fear of fear you fear. The fear itself hurts more than the thing you are scared of – Darren Hardy

It is easy to blame your family, loved ones, or your surrounding that they are being negative, however it’s within you whether to interpret what they are saying is negative or not, listen to them without preconceived notion to help you analyze the outcome than to act out of impulse or draw a conclusion that they are being negative. It will be YOU who would make that choice. It will be YOU who decides what influences your life.

Try the following, you would see the difference.

  1. Start by training your mind to think not everything you listen are negative.
  2. Develop patience to listen before drawing conclusion.
  3. Whatever has to happen will happen, do not give up your confidence.

When you are confident, you will know to minus the minus i.e. negate the negativity 🙂