Did you know how to live before you die??

Did you know how to live before you die? usually its our grand parents or elders who keeps telling us how to keep your chin up always, how to be good and do good, be strong, be confident, be brave to do right thing and so on. That’s not enough, considering this competitive world let’s hear it from a successful master who lived before he died.

Steve-Jobs-Quotes-for-whatsapp-statusPride, Success, Tough, Witty and many more tag names to this one legend: Steve Jobs.The man who taught me how to be constantly innovative, how to be constantly nagging to bring a best solution, how to be consistently focused to achieve success, how a minute detail makes a huge difference in what you d
o, a man who was chased out from his own company Apple and still his head was held high and he came up with another company Pixar (including NeXt which was then bought by Apple brought him back) cracking up the blockbuster making success.

When you listen to the 3 stories he shares during this commencement speech below, you would save it in your favorite list to watch it again and again. I know you must be thinking that I’m late to post this. However it’s always that one video which pumps your heart rate and instigates your adrenaline to reach your goal (hope you have a goal to hit). You can be like him, better than him in fact.

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