A Firefighter! ‘4 min read’

There was a fighter named Mark who works at a fire company as a volunteer fighter and also works at a different company for paid job. As you all know that firefighters should arrive at the scene as early as possible or may not be possible, but they got to get early at the scene. This firefighter, Mark, was an assistant captain and he had a forerunner in that voluntary position who gets to do things first on the assignments. There was a fire accident at a house reported and the fire company arrived at the scene putting off the fire. The first volunteer approached the captain for orders and Mark got their 5 seconds later which means that the first volunteer gets inside the house before Mark.  The captain was having a serious conversation with the house owner who was standing outside in pajamas and barefoot in the midnight watching her house burning in flames and she cries “oh! my dear dog”. The captain commands the first volunteer to save the dog from the fire, Mark missed his chance of saving the dog because he was 5 seconds late but he is next for captain’s command. The captain calls Mark and asks him to get inside the house and bring a pair of shoes for the house owner. While they both walked past the fire where the other fighters were pretty much done putting off the fire, they both brought the treasures (the dog and pair of shoes). Everyone was happy and praising the first volunteer for saving a life. With disappointment of not getting a chance to save that dog but to bring shoes, he handed it over to the house owner.

After a week, the house owner writes a letter to the department thanking the team for the effort they put in saving her home. The house owner was so kind that she mentioned above all others that someone even got her pair of shoes from the burning house.

Here is the lesson Mark comment on this situation. He has seen act of kindness at many levels and this is one of the example he had seen in his experience and he says everything matters including those pair of shoes.

What a strike it is!! Everything matters!  And it’s very true! Whether its saving a dog or shoes, it all matters.

We always want a chance to do something that we think or have our own definition for what matters and what doesn’t, right? Mark was a volunteer who was waiting for a chance to be the savior and he thought saving shoes is not an act of a savior. But…. for someone it matters.

We often tell people that once I make $100,000 I will be able to help homeless. Once I start earning I would be able to help who is in need. We always wait to make that millions to help someone. The fact is…. you don’t have to wait to make that millions to make a difference in someone’s life. If you have something to give, don’t wait but give it now. There are many ways to help the needy, it’s not only the money that can help.

You can serve people at old age homes or you can be a mentor by sharing your knowledge or you can teach at voluntary education centers or you can help clean your neighborhood park, there are many such ways to make a difference as an individual. Remember, not to wait!

“A simple act of kindness can matter millions to someone” – VE


Have a great week friends! See you all next tuesday!
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How uninstalling Facebook app saved my time?

From the title, you could understand what my post is about.  I did uninstall Facebook app from my phone and I discovered I am not addicted to it, yet I realized I had wasted my time just by scrolling up and down. Whenever a question raised in my mind that if I am over using the app?, I used to answer, “Not at all, I am just filling a gap by just going over some articles, news and little updates about my friends post”. I also thought it is needed for me that I am away from hometown.  I wouldn’t blame Facebook, I blame myself for overusing it. I am trying to take 100% responsibility for what I do and what I don’t do and how I respond to what’s done to me. This is one of the favorite tips I learned from Darren Hardy, the best selling author, keynote speaker and former publisher of Success Magazine and he said the below:-


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It’s very true and once you take charge in what you do and don’t do, You will see the change in how your life moves ahead.

Coming to the question how Facebook was taking my time, I will depict how I was using it in a day. I wake up in the morning and I got into this new habit of lying in the bed for some time after the alarm goes, did you guess why this new habit?,yes, you are right! I open the Facebook and see the news feed may be for 5 to 10 mins that’s all. It’s not a big deal right. My day begins, I freshen up, workout, meditate and eat my breakfast. I used to eat my breakfast in less than 10 mins which is increased to 20 mins because I go through the news feed in Facebook. Yet I thought what’s a big deal, I am just keeping myself company, what’s wrong in it. Once I am done with my breakfast, I start doing my school assignments and while I am doing my assignments, every 10 mins I check my Facebook page and the reason is to just take a break from tedious assignments. This time I thought even more and told myself, “Really??? Are you kidding me? Break every 10 mins and you call it break from the tedious task? Now that’s big no-no”. I used to finish my work in 4 hours however lately, I see that I take the whole day to finish my daily assignments. This goes on for the whole day until I fall asleep even while eating my lunch and sometimes during dinner when I am not eating dinner with my family. I check Facebook page even while I am reading novels. The only time I wasn’t checking Facebook was during meditation and when I am asleep.

I was able to see this difference because I started being online in Facebook from last 2 months. That does not mean I was not an active Facebook user before, until last 2 months, I used to check my Facebook page, however never to this level. There were days that I have not logged into Facebook. I clearly see the change now and how much time I spent in Facebook and you wouldn’t believe me if I said it’s almost 4 hours in a day. Yesterday, I decided to uninstall the app from phone and set up a time to check my Facebook page only at the end of the day for 10 to 15 mins.  I did that yesterday and it continued today as well. I am not addicted to it and it did not make me go crazy either; I am happy that I am able to get my things done much quicker and I did save 4 hours of time for my productive tasks.

You may be thinking that those bits of 5 minutes that you take to check your Facebook page do no harm in your productivity, you are wrong! If you track those little bits of 5 minutes, you will see hours added up at the end of the day. You could actually use those little bits of 5 minutes to take break from screen time by doing eye exercise, a quick walk, a quick call to your mom or your loved ones, if you are someone who is in front of computer for long hours that’s required by your job, then you should probably move out of your desk in those 5 minutes or do some exercise that relaxes your mind and body than logging onto Facebook.

Nothing against Facebook, I agree it does help people stay connected and offers much more fun. In fact, I ❤ Facebook.



Manage your usage, that’s all it takes. ☺

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Fostering for ‘No’

We all have gone through this lesson of saying ‘No’, some might be practicing that skill who thinks it is too difficult to say No, some might be really good at it. It is something repeatedly told by many motivational speakers or legends advising you to start saying ‘No’. It is written in many self-help/improvement management books.‘Learn to say No’ is one of the important steps that you will read in any time management article or Steps to improve your organization skills or even in project management training and so on. It becomes important when delegation comes into play, if you are busy you gotta say No. That’s what they train you on. Learning to say ‘No’ is an art and it is treated as one of the transformational skills in your life or in your career. I have been listening to this too and practicing by myself, I am not bad at it, though.

Yesterday was black Friday. My sister and I, along with my 7-year-old niece were on a shopping spree. We went to many shops buying many things on super duper deals. We bought things for my niece too. However, I observed that my niece kept asking my sister to buy whatever she finds interesting. Of course, for a kid in that age likes to buy all she likes. It kind of started annoying, she asks for one or the other item from each and every shop we went and when my sister says ‘No’, she becomes upset and behaves like an older person by not speaking to anyone or keeping her face close or sometimes ignore my sister’s comment and continued with her asking. My sister was exhausted by saying No. One point of time, I was telling my niece, “Nia, you need to learn to accept No as an answer and learn to move on from it”. There is it!!! I wonder is anyone or any article tells us how to learn to accept ‘No’ as an answer.

Isn’t it essential to teach your kid to accept ‘No’ as an answer.  She is going to listen to No as an answer to many things she desires, she might listen to a ‘No’ from her crush to go out on a prom date, she might listen a ‘No’ from a job he applied, or it may be small things. She needs to learn to accept that answer as well. It is an important lesson, important as much as we learn to say No.

You will be slapped with No all over your face, sometimes it will be harsh, sometimes it will be a polite one, yet you can neither brood nor take revenge. Yes, you will be rejected yet you should not feel resentful always. There were instances in my life when I ask for a favor and if someone says No, I have at times felt angry or sometimes fretted. I may not have shown my feelings to that person, however, until I am over it I would not be able to talk to that person. That is definitely not a right attitude. We need to start thinking from the receiver side, there may be a million reasons for that person to say No to you. It is certainly not necessary for that person to share the actual reason with you. It sure can be no one’s fault. Just because he or she said ‘No’, shouldn’t make you react in a different way to that person. You cannot wait for your payback time. Just give a minute thought and get over it quickly.

Look at the conversation snapshot below, I found in pinterest.


It is true, they need not reason out to you and you cannot be pestering as well. Learn to accept it and move on.

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