He or She

Ah! I can’t think of anything but the election 2016 of United States of America. There is not much I could say on this matter as I am not a person who talks a lot about politics. Having said that, I don’t ignore it completely, I learn about politics on need basis 😀

But. This election terrifies me, in my opinion (only my opinion), both the candidates are not suitable for running, however it’s so happened we are on that day that we can’t do much about it but only accept whatever happens.

We all know it does not end here, it’s only a mean comma after all these 18 months’ bitterness for their fury to show up and it’s not far.  There is no way, we could un-see what we saw and heard of in the past 18 months.

It’s so weird that I observed in this election, that our attention was drawn more towards the character of the candidates than the policies they were promoting. Don’t you agree?

Well, the world does not end here if the candidate you favored did not win. We will still accept and move on with our life. Not to forget, it all begins from you, if you want a clean nation, start being one. As simple as it is.

I just wish it was Michelle Obama who stood for election this time. Well! I could just wish for it. Lol

Anyways, I do not have much talk to about it today and I’m all waiting to know the results.


Election may redeem but it does not settle anything. That’s for sure!

Time to quote my earlier prediction :-

God Bless America!!!

See you next Tuesday friends!

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