A Firefighter! ‘4 min read’

There was a fighter named Mark who works at a fire company as a volunteer fighter and also works at a different company for paid job. As you all know that firefighters should arrive at the scene as early as possible or may not be possible, but they got to get early at the scene. This firefighter, Mark, was an assistant captain and he had a forerunner in that voluntary position who gets to do things first on the assignments. There was a fire accident at a house reported and the fire company arrived at the scene putting off the fire. The first volunteer approached the captain for orders and Mark got their 5 seconds later which means that the first volunteer gets inside the house before Mark.  The captain was having a serious conversation with the house owner who was standing outside in pajamas and barefoot in the midnight watching her house burning in flames and she cries “oh! my dear dog”. The captain commands the first volunteer to save the dog from the fire, Mark missed his chance of saving the dog because he was 5 seconds late but he is next for captain’s command. The captain calls Mark and asks him to get inside the house and bring a pair of shoes for the house owner. While they both walked past the fire where the other fighters were pretty much done putting off the fire, they both brought the treasures (the dog and pair of shoes). Everyone was happy and praising the first volunteer for saving a life. With disappointment of not getting a chance to save that dog but to bring shoes, he handed it over to the house owner.

After a week, the house owner writes a letter to the department thanking the team for the effort they put in saving her home. The house owner was so kind that she mentioned above all others that someone even got her pair of shoes from the burning house.

Here is the lesson Mark comment on this situation. He has seen act of kindness at many levels and this is one of the example he had seen in his experience and he says everything matters including those pair of shoes.

What a strike it is!! Everything matters!  And it’s very true! Whether its saving a dog or shoes, it all matters.

We always want a chance to do something that we think or have our own definition for what matters and what doesn’t, right? Mark was a volunteer who was waiting for a chance to be the savior and he thought saving shoes is not an act of a savior. But…. for someone it matters.

We often tell people that once I make $100,000 I will be able to help homeless. Once I start earning I would be able to help who is in need. We always wait to make that millions to help someone. The fact is…. you don’t have to wait to make that millions to make a difference in someone’s life. If you have something to give, don’t wait but give it now. There are many ways to help the needy, it’s not only the money that can help.

You can serve people at old age homes or you can be a mentor by sharing your knowledge or you can teach at voluntary education centers or you can help clean your neighborhood park, there are many such ways to make a difference as an individual. Remember, not to wait!

“A simple act of kindness can matter millions to someone” – VE


Have a great week friends! See you all next tuesday!
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#7 The road that leads to home

What do you feel when you see the road leading to home? the Sense of content isn’t it? Happiness? Oh! Good Lord, I’m home. When you are back from a hectic day at work? When you return from long vacation? When you are back from school? When you return from a blast party? When you return from an event? When you go home from the airport? When you return home after a sleepover night at friend’s place? When you return from a hospital? It goes on. You finally want to return home. 

All of us like to go home. Some rush to home. Although we were at a place which was fun-filled, or on duty, or on purpose, or on break, or under compulsion, we all return home no matter what, no matter how long it takes and no matter how far we are. Because it is your place, it is where you belong and you feel safe at home. Exaccccttttlyyy…That is how you are going to feel when you return to humanity.

We are moving away from humanity when we stop caring what happens to anything or anyone. We are witnessing the loss of humanity when a life is taken brutally by ISIS or other such terrorist groups, there is loss of humanity when there has been a rape and murder, we lose humanity when women trafficking grows, we lose humanity when there is a war, humanity is lost even when you steal something that does not belong to you. We are heading towards a bizarre future. Humanitarianism is essential in the modern world. Everything can be felt possible in this today’s world. They are fast approaching and brilliant. The neuroscientists are trying to implement the humanity to a computer. It has become necessary that a robot needs humanity when we humans are losing it.  

Why would a robot or a computer need humanity uploaded while we, the originals of humanity are losing it? How is it that a situation is different when it happens to others and not you? When your neighbor’s kid was kidnapped and sold for women traffic, how is that we remain silent? Why is that we do not do anything when a child is dying from hunger?

Why are we not bothered? Is it because it’s not your child who is affected? It’s not your son who is killed in gun violence? It’s not your daughter who is not sold for women traffic? It’s time we need to return to humanity, it’s time we realize this and start using our constitutional rights of speech. When there is a need to spread awareness, please spread the awareness. When you can feed a child, please walk down to that child and feed. I know you cannot do it alone, so join those thousand others who are doing it. Please do not try to hand your responsibility to others. Remember you are those others to others. Help the nation to form a right system that supports humanity. Every life matters. Try to be part of any group that helps to support humanity. 2015-15-10--20-53-37

Do not wait until it happens in your own home. Let’s make the road towards humanity.One simple thought,  ‘think it’s your home which is hostile, you will be moved towards action’.

Please return to humanity