#3 That one word I missed!

Our life is all about words, what we say & what we read.Missing one word can lead to a huge misunderstanding, even to a war; sometimes humiliation; sometimes it can bring out some terrific funny moments.

Well, finding the right words to express what you mean is a type of human Intelligence which is known as Linguistic, if that intelligence misses a word. What happens??? See below 🙂


This is how I read one of the Facebook post in my timeline, and I was wondering, how could a person can possibly have fun to keep an alarm for the next day, I thought to myself may be a self-determined person like me 😉 See the picture below:


Yes! The word ‘NOT’ was missing in the previous picture. I read it again to realize I just missed one word and I already had series of thoughts about that sentence which I read it incorrect. I do this most of the times, today I thought, Wow! this is not right. I do not want to be a person who gives that wrong information.

We tend to miss words while reading or writing which changes the whole meaning. Those little importance or extra seconds that we scarce is what leading us to miscommunication. While sending a text message, right before you click on send button, just look at your message, take that extra second that will save you from humiliation or misunderstanding. When you send an email, take that extra second to read your email again, it might even help you to reduce more email chains, than to write another apology email saying ‘Ignore the previous email or sorry, please find the corrected email’. I know it happens at work don’t they? Human errors are natural and acceptable mostly but it cannot be a defaulter, like repeating it again and again.

Will you accept if a Doctor misses a critical word in a diagnosis that leads to a different medication and there after side effects or loss of life? I really wanted to quote this example, to show the importance in any message that we exchange, it might be a lifesaving. While at work or among friends, it can be any place, I’m sure that little perfection is not going to take you off from fun 🙂

Some of us are already taking those extra seconds, and some of us are ignoring that importance. Hope we don’t ignore anymore.

See the verse written in the holy book, ‘Bible’ under the title ‘The Word Became Flesh’ – ( John 1:1-2)

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning.

Happy Not Missing that one word, can be any 😉